Redhead Torture

Pretty, young secretary Bethany is tired of her job and asks Master Savage if she can get a job working in his dungeon. Rick puts her young, firm body through the ultimate test. Tight bondage, vicious suction tubes on her nipples, needles inserted in her sensitive tushy, and finally, a veritable mummification in candle wax.

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Choke on Revenge

Raven haired Ander looks great in her corset while smothering a bully

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His arm must be getting tired!

Blue-haired college student takes it from the disciplinarian, first bare handed, but then he whacks her really hard with the strap, moving down to the thighs. He loves to feel her ass and smack it with his hands while her exposed pussy winks at him. Blue-haired angel is sent out to bring her schoolmate who also takes the strap. This fellow gives no quarter. He lays into both these deserving students. He loves his job, obviously, and who wouldn’t. He wants them to beg him to stop and how can they not? Looks like her legs are tattooed to simulate stockings. Nice touch.

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Bondage Virgin abuse

Two sexy Euro babes decide to play out their kinky fetish dom-sub fantasies, and experiment with bondage, spanking and hot candle wax. The dominant of the pair elevates the excitement and once she has her partner spread eagle and helpless, invites two horny studs in from the other room. These hung dudes take turn fucking these precious babes, and when the tender slave is on the edge of climax, her lesbian lover taunts her and terrorizes her tits and pussy with a razor sharp broadsword!

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